Whitewater River Rafting Trips

American River

South Fork from Chili Bar Dam to Henningsen-Lotus Park  Trip, mile 0 to mile 9

This trip is a class III run on the American River South Fork from Chili Bar Dam to Henningsen-Lotus Park . This trip is the upper half of the American River South Fork run and is 9 miles of river. The gradient of the river is 23 feet per mile. The rapids are Meat Grinder class III, Race Horse Bend class III, Maya class II-III, Rock Garden class II, Triple Treat class III and Trouble Maker class III+. The flows on the river between July and October are from 900 to 1775 cfs. Flows during the rest of the year can range greatly. Flows over 6000 cfs (during the snow runoff) turn some of the class II and III rapids into class IV and V, so if you come during the snow runoff be prepared for a much wilder and more dangerous trip. Water temperatures during the fall, winter and spring months fall below 50 degrees F and a wetsuit or dry suit are required. This trip goes through Marshall Gold Discover State Park and Coloma. There is a combination of public and private lands along the river and there are some Quiet Zones starting at Indian Creek running to Trouble Maker rapid. We must show respect for any private property along the river. We will stop somewhere before Trouble Maker rapid and Coloma and have lunch.

Notes / Agenda:

We meet at my house 8:00 a.m. sharp! We put in the raft on the river around 10:00 a.m. and will be taking the raft out at Henningsen-Lotus Park  around 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Remember to pack your own lunch. So be there sharp 8:00 a.m., no stragglers, if you’re late you hold up the whole crew. If you are going to be late or you cannot make it for any reason call.

From my house we go to Henningsen-Lotus Park  on Lotus Road. Lotus Road is off highway 50 at Shingles Springs exit. We will leave 1 or 2 vehicles at Henningsen-Lotus Park  and go up to Chili Bar Dam on highway 193 to Georgetown. We leave the trucks there and take off on the river for Henningsen-Lotus Park . The trip is from Chili Bar Dam to Henningsen-Lotus Park  (9 miles of river) on the south fork of the American River. Chili Bar is on highway 193 going to Georgetown. Highway 193 connects to highway 49 in Placerville; Placerville is on highway 50.