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Mission Possible: To Have Fun! 

Welcome to Raftman! Raftman organizes FREE white water rafting trips in Northern California on the North Yuba, North Fork American, Middle Fork American, South Fork American, and Tuolumne Rivers. Raftman is looking for healthy, active, physically-fit team players of all ages with a positive attitude.

But beware! Those that choose to enter here, enter at their own risk! Opportunities for fun and adventure are yours to be had. However, you may find some materials on this site offensive in nature.

Raftman is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sports adventurist.  Excitement and danger is our business, and we’re looking for daring men and women interested in whitewater rafting, kayaking, climbing, hiking, and search & rescue missions.  Anything and everything involving rivers, moving water, cliffs, mountains, and boulders interests Raftman.      


Enjoy the great outdoors - Meet new people - Test your physical limits! Reserve a seat on one of Raftman’s 14-foot, eight-person, top-of-the line Sotar self-bailing rafts (see the "Paddler’s List").

Looking for Paddlers:  This organization is looking, healthy, active, positive attitude, physically fit, young or old, team player, self motivated people, for rafting and other outdoor adventure trips in northern California.

Get on the Paddlers List:  Paddlers List  Out of Service at the moment

For questions or comments about this site, contact kimandregg@gmail.com

This page was last updated on 10/08/17

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